Graduate Student / Post Doctoral Student Opportunities

Oregon State University (OSU) invites PhD and Post-doctoral applicants for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) research. 

The PhD opportunity will concentrate on applying UAS for tree and landscape measurements as part of a multi-institutional NSF project. The UAS platforms will be primarily multi-rotor, electrically-powered copters with a variety of sensors including electro-optical, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, thermal, and LiDAR. This position will be housed within the Aerial Information System (AIS) Laboratory in the College of Forestry at OSU. Please see http://ais.forestry.oregonstate.edu/ for a brief listing of lab activities.

A postdoctoral position is available to take part in founding an NSF funded research facility for applying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for landscape remote sensing. The landscapes will cover a range of cover types and features. The primary UAS sensors will include high-speed pressure/temperature/humidity, optical, LiDAR, near infrared, and thermal. A primary research objective is to develop high resolution spatial databases for Center for Transformative Environmental Monitoring Programs (www.CTEMPs.org).

Strong preference is given to applicants with UAS experience involving multiple sensors. Strong preference will also be given to those that have a pilot certification, or have passed the pilot certification exam (ground school), or who have the ability to do so within the initial several months of employment.

A fuller description of both positions is attached.

Please contact me for more information.