AIS Research Objectives

Forest management:

  • fire monitoring and assisting with firefighting operations
  • fire impact measurements and preparation for regeneration activities
  • stand mapping, disease detection
  • vegetation health assessment
  • height and age estimation
  • fertilization sensitivity stand exams
  • regenerations surveys
  • inventory and analysis

Agricultural applications:

  • vineyard health and vigor
  • crop assessment and yield
  • area measurements

Forest protection applications:

  • fire monitoring, hotspot detection
  • boundary protection
  • search and rescue and grow operation detection

Wildlife applications:

  • fishery population estimation
  • wildlife detection and tracking
  • habitat assessment
  • wildlife opening detection

 Forest engineering applications:

  • logging system design
  • road and bridge design
  • sale layout
  • terrain modeling and slope stability assessment

Search and rescue operation applications:

  • finding people in rugged and hard to reach areas
  • reducing risk to search and rescue teams
  • increasing the efficiency of search and rescue efforts